Sounds of

Year: 2022
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Exploration of the stories of the vastly talented musicians surrounding Phoenix's budding indie music scene.

Justin Moody, Miss Moody

Merch get run over by a truck? Tape glitter off the I-40, Justin talks about his adventures on tour.

Classically trained, Kate leaves the orchestra in leu of Nirvana-inspired grunge.

Kate Bivona, Dirt Skirt

love of

Year: 2022
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Why do people (still) love and listen to vinyl records? Vinyl is a fascinating artifact of vintage technology that is still relevant. In a world of fast-paced modern technology, the struggle to stay pertinent is real. Technological advances constantly deem old modes extraneous, but the record persists. Invented in the 1900s, the record is still popular and loved. Why? I visit local mainstay Stinkweeds Records as well as talk to other avid record collectors and musicians in the area to get to the bottom of our fascination with vinyl.